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24. July 2014

I am currently reading this book for summer reading. And in the beginning I thought it was quite uninteresting, I don’t see the reason why I needed to know the culture of a Dinka. But now I see a reason as to why I need to learn this. Cultures have come a far way to be an American citizen, us children we take a lot of things for granted if we can’t get something our way. The Dinka culture had a lot of difficulties to even reach where we live. I learned I had lacked on my schooling, because I knew I could get by with a B… but others didn’t have that way. I learned I have had such a great childhood growing up, and still have one because nothing ever was a disturbance. Different people, different areas are having their own hardships and here we are complaining if we can’t go out one night. I am grateful to have read this book for summer reading.